About Me

Hello, my name is Matías Mellado but on the internet I use the nickname Arthemy. I'm a Game Designer and Unity Programmer graduated from the Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello (UNAB) in Chile. I'm interested in Technical Design/Tool Programming and System Design but game design and development in general interests me. I also have skills in other areas such as 3D ( modelling, texturing and animation), video editing, adobe suit (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator) and some experience in project management (Although mostly summarized to work and university projects and in teams of a few people, so take it with a grain of salt).

I've been working in Unity since 2017 (since 2019 professionally) and worked on 2 published games. Also, I've been teaching Unity and game design as a college professor since 2020. In addition to that I’ll like to add that I’ve been constantly involved in quick and small prototype development in multiple game jams I participate in throughout the years.

In this portfolio I compile and highlight some of the things that I consider relevant about me on a professional level, such as different skills and knowledge, projects I have worked on, and different recognitions such as certificates or diplomas, among other things.

I had originally intended to make this website quite serious and sober, however I quickly thought that this would not be entirely representative, so I preferred to present the texts and descriptions of the different things in a more relaxed way.

This doesn't mean that I don't take my work seriously, quite the contrary. But if I'm honest, doing it this way is fun for me and it's my portfolio and I do it the way I want and I do with it what I want, Sue me.


  • Work under pressure
  • Fast development time
  • Organized
  • Punctual
  • Proactive
  • Attention to details


Things I specialized on with an intermediate-advance level

  • Game Design
  • Unity Engine
  • C# for Unity
  • Video editing

Things I've done but have more basic knowledge

  • Unity Editor Scripting
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Texturing
  • 3D Animation
  • Adobe Suit
  • Html & css


Software I use regularly

  • Unity Engine
  • Visual Studio
  • JetBrains Rider(main IDE)
  • Blender
  • Substance Painter
  • Premiere
  • After Effects
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Miro



  • Spanish - Native
  • English - Avanzado
  • France - Basic


  • Videogames (obviously)
  • Movies and series
  • Books and comics
  • Tabletop games
  • Gunplas
  • Piano
  • Chess


On my itch.io you can find almost all the projects that I've worked on. However here I highlight some of them

To see everything else you can check my itch.io page as well as my linked.in in the side bar at the left

Hoping Forest

Hoping Forest is a low poly tile-based puzzle game with a relaxing atmosphere where your goal is to find a safe hidden path for the frog. Help them find a new home after seeing the forest being destroyed by human progress and its water invaded by dangerous creatures. Move and rotate the different tiles to create the perfect path for each map. Avoid the hazards while you manage the fixed tiles that will force you to take a specific path. Try to catch files in your way to increase your score, but be aware, there's a limited amount of steps that the frog can do. This game was made 100% by me and can be found on Steam as well as Itch.io.

Lead programmer y Technical designer Minegeon

A Kickstarter project in which I corked as Lead Programmer as well as Technical Designer, been in charge of almost all the coding of the game during most of its development.
I was also in charge of an intern and training the persons that was gone stay in charge after I departed.

Suma y Sigue En Aula

An educational project developed by the CMM lab at U. de Chile commissioned by the Ministry of Education of Chile. It consists of a series of minigames and tools aimed to help math teacher in their classes. With focus on remote areas of the country. My role consisted on developing many of those minigames.


My final year project. With the intention of promoting reading within childs, it consist of AR tales with dioramas. Once the children finish a tale, they can use the different elements to build their own stories and saw them with the same type of dioramas.
The links will take you to the itch.io page of the project as well as my thesis. The last is the one I most highlight since it shows all the research we did during the project, al the problems we faced and how we solved them.

Simple&Easy Localization Tool

A simple and easy tool to localize your projects to any language you want, with just a couple of clicks you can configure your objects.
Create or edit your language files with the built-in file editor tool, compatible with JSON, STRINGS, and CSV formats files.

Simple&Easy Save Game Tool

A simple and easy-to-use tool to save the data from your game into a single file.
Compatible with multiple types of variables and with minimum coding required, you can have as many save files as you need with the option to encrypt them to keep all the data secured.

Carrera de Nautilus

College project that consist of design a game in an environment not meant to design a game. We decided to crate a game mode for League of Legends. Our main goal was to subvert the player expectation on what a team mate is and the goal of the game. In this case, you allies are in the other team and you must try to reach the other base and died in it.
I highlight it since I believe is a really good game design exercise and I'm proud of what we came up with.


Grand prize winner in the G4C x Unity Cross-Cultural Impact Jam

Echo is a narrative game that talk about our demons, mental health and the search for help. The main idea after this game is remember the importance of mental health and knowing that you don’t have to go through problems alone.

Profesional Development

A compilation of my degrees, certificates an online courses.
Everything that can prove my knowledge and experience basically


Titulo en Diseño de juegos digitales

Univeridad Andres Bello, Chile

Certificado de Ingles C2


Certificado de desarrollador Meta Spark AR


Curso Online de patrones de diseño de programación en Unity


Curso de Patrones de diseño de programación en Unity


Curso de SaveGames en Unity


Curso de Editor Scripting en Unity


Curso de Desarrollo VR en Unity


Curso de Git y su integración con Unity


Contact Me

You can contact me through mail at